About our Group

Professor Hall’s research group consists of graduate student researchers, undergraduate student researchers, postdoctoral appointees, and research faculty.  We have a number of students who are also full-time employees of ORNL and Y-12, many of whom are pursuing advanced degrees in conjunction with their work.

Our on-campus research activities take place in our laboratories and work spaces in UT’s Science and Engineering Research Facility (SERF), Ferris Hall, and Pasqua Engineering Building.  Professor Hall’s office is Ferris (room 505B), and he and Professor Skutnik have student workstations in 503, 504A, and 504B Ferris.

Our radiochemistry and nuclear forensics labs are in SERF.  The nuclear counting labs are in Ferris Hall, and Pasqua houses light machine shops, electronics/computer support, and light industrial experimental space.

Our students who are more involved in policy-related research frequent the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy, one of the signature facilities on campus.

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