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We have a couple of ways to stay in touch.  First, we have a private LinkedIn group for low impact connectivity.  You can also friend Dr. Hall on Facebook — he promises no pictures of kittens, relatively few rants, and he hates Farmville…

You can also send us news, tidbits, and photos.  As resources allow, we’ll update this page with alumni info.  We’re always delighted to hear from you, and we thrilled to celebrate your successes!

Spotlight on… Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon, MS Nuclear Eng., 2012

Michael Shannon recently earned his M.S. and B.S. degrees in Nuclear Engineering in the Hall Group at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a concentration in Nuclear Security Science & Analysis. Following graduation, he joined the Global Threat Reduction Initiatives group at Oak Ridge National Lab as a Security Engineer.

Prior to his employment, his Graduate Research Assistantship with UTK brought him to ORNL where he developed a physical security table-top exercise aimed at enhancing education through multi-university competition dubbed the “Uranium Bowl.” Other notable projects during his research at ORNL included development of Counter-Trafficking Border Security curriculum and research for various threat assessments/capabilities. He currently assists NNSA’s Second Line of Defense program with Radiation Portal Monitor sustainability at international ports and border crossings.

Michael lives with his loving cat, Mia, in Knoxville. He enjoys hiking, mixing music as a DJ, watching Game of Thrones, and playing online computer games.